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As part of the Birch Communications 2016 rebrand, the flagship product - TotalCloud PBX - received its own makeover. In addition to improved performance, the cloud phone product was redesigned to appeal to an underserved SMB market. With the shift in targeted customers, new technology features - like Unified Communications - required additional consumer eduction.


In order to best communicate the breadth of services and benefits of TotalCloud PBX, a complete product brand overhaul was needed. Projects included an updated microsite within, product user manuals, sales collateral and digital marketing campaigns.


The revised microsite was designed to blend seamlessly in the overarching architecture. Knowing that our target customer was not always tech-literate, content centered around typical pain points and solving customer problems. 

The new site included a clean,  responsive layout, designed to carry the visitor through the buyer's journey. Created in the Hubspot COS, site content could be easily updated and did not require advanced design skills to manage.

Given the complexity of the product, there was a significant challenge in balancing visual aesthetic while incorporating large amounts of content. The solution was to use basic visual cues (icons) to identify key topics of interest. For example, when the visitor hovered over the icon in this strip, a supplemental description appeared. A basic snippet of Javascript allowed for a simple interactive experience, addressing the C-level preference for dense information yet maintaining a clean visual aesthetic.


Product documentation was developed for the ease of customer use and incorporated Birch's new brand styling. The layout is consistent with industry standards for technical product instructions. 

Sales Collateral, whether case studies or promotional flyers, coordinate seamlessly with product documentation. Designed to address customer pain points, many sales tools are directed at specific industries and provide more in-depth information.

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